Statement from the Board

The BWFCST are relieved that Judge Jones has today decided to adjourn the HMRC winding-up petition until 3rd April. The news that several other parties have been added to the petition is, however, of further concern. Judge Jones must have been satisfied regarding the credibility and substance of the new bidder and ... More


What On Earth Is Happening To Our Club? All BWFC supporters are aware of the current on-field problems affecting our club. The rights and wrongs and the ups and downs of current football matters are the subject of much ongoing debate. This debate will continue – but only if our club remains in existence. However, ... More

UNPAID STAFF WAGES – Statement from BWFCST Board

The BWFCST Board confirm that they are urgently looking at all available options for assisting non-playing staff who are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of non-payment of February wages, without disrupting any ongoing club governance matters. More

Statement from the Board

After the announcement from the Chairman earlier today on the club website, we are pleased that a deal has been agreed in principle and look forward to it being concluded quickly and to the satisfaction of both parties. Hopefully this will now allow the club to move forwards and bring fans back together so that we can all work towards a positive end to the season. More

Update from the Board

Following our statement of 16 January '19 regarding some social media comments about a co-opted board member, the BWFCST board have looked at the facts in full detail and have unanimously decided that no further action is required. This now concludes the matter. More

Sad News

It is with great sadness that we hear the news of the passing of Richard Hurst. As well as being a prominent figure in the Bolton community, Richard was a lifelong fan of BWFC ever since his grandfather took him to Burnden as a small boy. Richard was involved in the establishment of the BWFCST having freely given ... More

Statement from the Board

The Trust has seen recent comments on social media about a coopted  member of the Board. We are looking into the situation and will take whatever steps are necessary once we have established the facts. More

Revealing and Worrying Summary

The article linked below gives an update on BWFC finances. The information is taken by the author from the latest Burnden Leisure accounts for the financial year end 30 June 2017. The next set of accounts for the financial year end 30 June 2018 are due to be filed at Companies House by 31 March 2019. However, in complia... More

Planned Fan Protest

We are aware of the protest being planned for the upcoming televised WBA game and are not at all surprised at this move to enable and express supporters' current views on the state of our club. We also fully understand that the BWFC supporters' growing concerns about the very future of the club are now turning into ... More

Statement from the Board

Once again, the name of BWFC has been dragged through the mud as the FGR chair, Dale Vince has posted this evening that Christian Doidge will be returning to his parent club, instead of signing for BWFC in the planned £1m deal. This situation cannot, in all honesty, continue. We have requested on several occasions that ... More