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The BWFCST was established when our club was in trouble. This is usually the case in other clubs. When things are running smoothly, the question is often asked, why do supporters need a trust?

In any successful relationship communication is key, during both good and bad times. The level of communication that now exists between the BWFCST and the club is more open and productive than it has ever been. 

As all BWFC fans remember, recent years, particularly under previous owners, have been stressful, both on and off the field. Through those times and as a formally constituted and regulated Community Benefit Society, the trust were able to engage with various organisations including the EFL, the FSA, Bolton Council, the University of Bolton and, most importantly, local and national media. During any engagement with these parties, the trust were able to present the BWFC supporters views, all aimed to ensure the best for our club. 

The most important action taken since the trust was formed has been the registration of the stadium as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). This has ensured a mechanism exists to help prevent situations arising like Coventry and Derby, where third party ownership of their stadia has severely threatened the very existence of their clubs. 

Another important development has been the signing in August 2021 of a Memorandum of Understanding with the club which has led to a programme of regular meetings between club and trust being established. 

The BWFCST is now looking to build on the relationship established with our current owners, Football Ventures, and it is important that the trust membership is as large and representative as possible to help in that process. 

On behalf of the BWFC supporters, we are now working with the club on several projects including input into the subject of stewarding, policing and fan behaviour, re-opening of the FanZone and input into the disabled supporters facilities. We were also involved in consultations on season ticket pricing for the ‘22/‘23 season. 

We have established an affiliate programme and continue work with these important national and international BWFC supporters groups to ensure their views are heard by the club. 

On the wider stage, your trust is involved with the FSA, including National Council representation, with the Fair Game project and also contributed to the recent Fan-Led Review. 

But to be effective, all of the above depends on having a strong and representative trust and needs as many BWFC supporters as possible to become members. 

Members are regularly updated and consulted by email and survey and we are looking to develop other methods of communication including expansion of the trust YouTube channel. 

For the equivalent of 20p per week, you can become part of all this, so please join now and let’s do this together!

Bolton Wanderers Supporters' Trust

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Bolton Wanderers Supporters Society Limited: FCA Registration Number 7270


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